Transportation UAV Solutions

Our complex transportation network, which includes roads, bridges, railroads, and airports, is aging and requires recurrent inspections. Today, many inspections are done with lift trucks, boats and cranes. With UAS capability State, Federal and private engineering firms are able to safely and efficiently inspect infrastructure such as bridges which have traditionally been difficult if not impossible to reach. It is estimated that 1 in 9 bridges are structurally deficient today (ASCE).

Project Lifecycle

From start to finish we can augment your project with our drone solutions. Whether you are in the planning phase of a project or trying to keep your project on schedule and under budget you can rely on our expertise.

Detailed Inspection / O&M

AirShark has helped inspect and map airports, roads, bridges and related infrastructure. In addition to high resolution images, we can provide live video feeds to your team as well as catalogued imagery that is easy to access and field ready. We have been asked to help with traffic counts, viewshed impacts and corrosion inspections of our transportation network. Using thermography we can also help find potential moisture intrusion on deck surfaces often without impacting user costs.

Benefits of UAV for Infrastructure Inspections

Traditional bridge inspections can take anywhere from a day to multiple weeks. They often require higher user costs associated with operating under bridge inspection vehicles, lane closures, and floating platforms. With our UAVs we inspect bridges safely, keeping your team out of harm's way, while collecting high-resolution imagery in a short amount of time. Check out this video showing our team collaborating with professional bridge inspectors.

Rapid Response / Damage Assessment

When time is critical, AirShark can help in assessing impacts to our transportation network.  Whether its storm damage inspections or transportation related accidents, UAS can reduce user impacts, road closures and allow commerce to proceed. Some of our UAS are equipped with high power lamps that can even work at night in those emergency situations.

Vegetation & Wildlife Monitoring

We can help with environmental compliance. Whether it’s tracking areas that are heavily vegetated or by identifying where wildlife may be impacting your project decisions. Using UAVs equipped with thermal or optical sensors, we can help identify nesting species, such as ospreys, in traditionally difficult to assess locations. UAVs equipped with multispectral sensors can rapidly assess vegetation health; NDVI data is useful in monitoring revegetation areas or identifying key indicator species or invasives. We can even help with large animal counts.

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