Environmental UAV Solutions

Small UAS equipped with sensors help support environmental and natural resource applications. Whether its assisting in Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment support for regulators, documenting coastal change over time for communities or providing volume calculations of aggregate sites. UAS help provide spatial and temporal intelligence in a cost effective and less intrusive manner than other means.

Aerial Intelligence for Stakeholder Engagement

Videos, images, maps and related UAS data assist stakeholders in planning and communication with grants and proposals, meetings and permitting / compliance. Aerial intelligence can help save you time and money when it comes to assessing sites and informing stakeholders.

Mapping & Volumetrics

UAS and associated photogrammetric software are well suited to collecting field data and creating high resolution 2D and 3D maps in the form of elevation models and orthomosaics. Whether your project calls for raw geotagged imagery, GIS Data ( KMZ / KML, SHP, DTM, DSM), 3D Point Cloud Data (LAS) or accurate CAD outputs (DXF) AirShark can deliver to your specification. AirShark is equipped with real time kinematic (RTK) GPS to improve our geotagging and mapping capability.

Rapid Response / Damage Assessment

Storms Happen. Accidents Happen. AirShark can help 24/7, 365 days a year and our service agreements provide the peace of mind for when your area of interest may need to be imaged rapidly. Capturing accurate, high-resolution, up to date imagery can help boost the likelihood of securing funding from emergency management sources often critical within the first 7 days after incidents occur. Additionally, the information collected is useful for making decisions when when every minute counts.

Vegetation & Wildlife Monitoring

We can help with environmental compliance. Whether it’s tracking areas that are heavily vegetated or by identifying where wildlife may be impacting your project decisions. Using UAVs equipped with thermal or optical sensors, we can help identify nesting species, such as ospreys, in traditionally difficult to assess locations. UAVs equipped with multispectral sensors can rapidly assess vegetation health; NDVI data is useful in monitoring revegetation areas or identifying key indicator species or invasives. From large mammals to small birds we can generate accurate counts of animal species.

Water Quality Monitoring

UAS derived imagery can assist hydrologic projects. From stormwater project support, sedimentation documentation, to river ice mapping, AirShark can help provide hydologic insight. UAS sensors and photogrammetry software can measure erosion, algae, temperature and general construction compliance progress documentation.

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