Infrastructure Inspection

Energy generation, transmission assets, and telecommunication structures require attention to detail and that’s where UAS can help. By flying above and below structures we can provide detailed imagery leading to improved decision making. Some of our products include : 2D and 3D maps & orthoimagery, oblique aerial images, high-resolution stabilized video, live feeds, infrared thermography (IR), normalized differential vegetation index data (NDVI), and in situ measurements of gas / methane (CH4).

Project Lifecycle

Aerial Intelligence from start to finish

From planning, permitting and design support to rapid response or recurring O&M tasks, AirShark can help.

Detailed Inspection/O&M

Asset inspection via UAS is safer, faster and more efficient than alternative means. We specialize in detailed inspections using high-resolution state of the art sensors from optical to infrared (IR) and multispectral. Our teams can deploy and move quickly in difficult terrain with our ruggedized all weather utility terrain vehicle (UTV) and share data with your team in hours not days.

The Benefits of UAV

A traditional bridge inspection can span anywhere from 1 day to a week or more. Requires lane closures impacting user cost. UAVs can inspect bridges safely and easily with high resolution imagery in less time. Check out this quick video showing our team completing an inspection of an exposed pipeline with our custom UAV. 

Professional Production Services

In addition to the high quality asset inspections, we have media and creative services within our business to develop and share material relating to the use of UAVs in the respective markets we serve. Visit for more information.

Rapid Response / Damage Assessment

Storms Happen. Vandalism Happens. When problems arise at 4 am your service agreement allows rapid response in our service area under 2 hours. When required, we can send multiple crews, UTVs and most importantly more than one UAS into the air to support your emergency mission.

Vegetation/Wildlife Monitoring

We can help your business stay compliant by using our UAVs to track areas that are becoming overgrown and by identifying where wildlife may be impacting your assets. Using UAVs equipped with thermal or optical sensors, we can help identify nesting species, such as ospreys, in traditionally difficult to assess locations. UAVs equipped with multispectral sensors can rapidly assess vegetation health, this is useful in monitoring revegetation areas or identifying certain species.

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