Thermal inspection allows field-crews to pinpoint hotspots or faulty materials quickly and effectively, 24/7 rapid response cabailities. Safely assess large or difficult to reach areas. Live inspection feeds are visible to on-site crews. A highly cost effective method for identifying themal deficiencies or locations of thermal spikes.


"We were very excited to test thermal imaging technology mounted to a UAV for the measuring the amount of deteriorated concrete on this bridge deck as part of the rehabilitation project. We had uncertain expectations about what the results we would be and the data gathered exceeded our expectations. There is a real future utilizing this technology for efficient information gathering on future project with little disruption to the travelling public."

- Robert Blunt - Project Manager, VHB

Common Applications

  • Electrical (Solar PV, Transmission, Turbines)
  • Building Envelope Inspection Support
  • Hydrologic Study Support for groundwater/surface water.
  • Structural inspection (Support for bridge decks and concrete aprons)

AirShark Thermal Specs

  • FLIR Aerial Sensors
  • Generate MPEG, JPEG, and Orthoimagery
  • Measeurement within 0.5 degrees C