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The Beginning

Early 2014

AirShark was formed in Vermont by Ian Ray (CTO) and Jon Budreski (Business Dir.) in 2014 when the founders saw the potential of UAVs to change the way data collection is done.

Drone Customization


Hobby and consumer drones prove to be lacking and AirShark creates its first customized UAV platform.

First-Movers in a New Industry


AirShark was the first UAV company to receive a FAA 333 Exemption in Vermont.

Joining the Media Wing Family


As an effort to increase capability and expand operations AirShark and Media Wing formed a unique partnership that ultimately led to the acquisition of AirShark under the wings of Media Wing.

FAA Expands Rules


Long awaited, the FAA released their Part 107 ruling for commercial drone operators allowing AirShark to fly UAV platforms under more defined and flexible terms. All AirShark UAV pilots are licensed under these rules.

Partnership With JBI Helicopters


In an effort to increase our capability we joined together with JBI Helicopters to provide a broader range of services to our clients and theirs.



In an effort for continual improvement our team added LiDAR, Thermography, and Night Operations to our services list.

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