I've had a great experience with Airshark. I love the team members and they are just so full of ingenuity. If there is a tight situation they will figure out a way to get you the photos you need.

Donna, Corrosion Supervisor - Unitil

Fred Depuy

Fred Depuy - Founder & CEO

A seasoned CEO with over 25 years of leadership experience, 14 years as President/CEO of AERCO International, Inc., Fred values his team above all else. Driven by his passion for cultivating a strong work culture, Fred brings expertise in developing engineered solutions, establishing a customer-centric mindset and creating enterprise value. Fred has a BS Applied Technology, an MBA in Economics, 100-Ton USCG Ocean Operator’s License, 2nd Class Engineer License and is a Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt who also serves as an executive board member of UAV-America.

Jon Budreski

Jon Budreski - Director of Business Development

As a Co-Founder of AirShark, Jon leads sales & business development. Jon, an FAA licensed pilot, has been part of the success of two solar startups during the last decade. Before that, Jon was entrenched in both water quality instrumentation technical sales and water quality research. A graduate of Colorado State University and Enterprise Airline Academy, Jon’s technical sales skills, aviation background and energy experience have come full circle in helping AirShark become a reality.

Jon is a licensed pilot.

Ian Ray

Ian Ray - CTO

As a Co-Founder of AirShark, Ian brings over a decade of experience in commercial imaging and embedded wireless technology to AirShark. Ian received a Bachelor's degree from the Rochester Institute of technology, after which he lead product development for a major photography equipment manufacturer. With years of experience operating and modifying UAVs, Ian heads up the technical operations and custom integration projects for Airshark. His skills and expertise make Ian the perfect person to keep AirShark's aircraft fleet on the cutting edge.

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson - Director of Operations /Lead UAV Pilot

Sam loves flying machines. As a sophomore in high school, he worked on a lobster boat to earn money for flying lessons and eventually completed his FAA private pilot training in 2006. He went on to study mechanical engineering at McGill University, then attended Penn State, where his award-winning research on tiltrotor dynamics earned him a master’s degree in aerospace engineering. He has been flying drones for several years and has extensive experience with all of Airshark’s unmanned aerial systems.

Lindsey Mitchell

Lindsey Mitchell - Lead UAV Pilot / Safety Coordinator

Lindsey is an instrument rated Commercial pilot in Single and Multi-engine airplanes as well as a certified flight instructor. While completing her Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Studies at Kent State University, Lindsey was the starting goalkeeper of the Women’s Varsity soccer team. With over 4000 hours of flight time, Lindsey has been a flight instructor at Navy Annapolis Flight Center and Frederick Flight Center in Maryland. More recently, Lindsey flew for a fractional ownership company up and down the east coast where she was quickly promoted to Captain. She continues with her passion for athletics as a high school soccer coach and certified personal trainer.

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson - UAV Pilot

As a contractor to the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Jennifer has been introduced to the aerial world by using UAS' as a tool of acquisition for marine life analysis. With a passion in underwater technologies, she has found overlap in the methods and strategies for gathering data in both water and air.  With roots and schooling from Virginia, she enjoys New England's beauty and all the benefits of living by the ocean on Cape Cod, MA. 

Franz Loew

Franz Loew - Flight Team Leader

Franz Loew is a licensed helicopter pilot with years of experience dealing commercial and industrial pilots. As a lead pilot for JBI helicopters, Franz excels at creating safe and efficient workflows for getting work done in a safe manner. As a Flight Team Lead at Airshark, Franz makes sure the team is cognizant of their surroundings and the flight objective while also looking for areas of continual improvement.

Pete George

Pete George - CFO

Peter graduated from Bentley University, in 2002, with a major in accounting. He worked as a licensed CPA during the beginning of his career. As Peter practiced public accounting he was exposed to many types of small and medium sized businesses. Peter provided a high level of financial oversight while serving as the CFO for Abernaqui Carriers. Peter has also assumed the responsibility for the financial management of the Oaks Golf Links and Candia Woods. Peter continues to be active in helping both start-ups and established companies achieve profitable growth. Peter started working for Media Wing during Media Wing’s acquisition of AirShark and the rebranding of Media Wing's UAV Flight Service’s under the AirShark Brand Name.  

Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robinson - Creative Director

Daniel has years of experience in video production, photography, and internet marketing to name a few. He excels at finding creative solutions to business problems with his design and production skills. Daniel leads the creative team at Airshark driving forward the level of quality for our customers. 

Chris Burke

Chris Burke - Lead Producer

Christopher Burke is a Producer/Director and Emmy nominated Cinematographer. Born and raised in New Hampshire he graduated from Ithaca College with a BFA in Film, Photography and the Visual Arts. He then spent the next 12 years shooting commercials, features, TV shows and documentaries. During that time he traveled to over two dozen countries, filled up 6 passports and visited all 50 states. His work has been showed all over the world on all the major networks and cable channels. He has worked with countless A list celebrities including Halle Berry, Will Smith and Cindy Crawford, and was even invited to photograph George W. Bush at the White House.