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AirShark is a brand of Media Wing that provides unrivaled UAV services, Data Collection, Image Analysis, Video Production, and associated services. Our team is highly experienced and diverse allowing us to handle any problem with a high level of ingenuity and expertise.

Read more about how we practice safe standards, professionalism, and respect in our UAV Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

FAA Licensed Operators & UAS (107/333/Part 61)

 Experienced & Trained UAS Operators

OSHA Training & Certification

Follows State & Federal Guidelines

 Fully Insured

 Coordination with Air Traffic Control

COA/Flight Waiver

 Integrate with Traditional Aviation

 First Aid & CPR Certified

Level 1 Infrared Thermography Training

"AirShark has provided services for gas line inspections located on difficult to access bridges in MA and NH. Using a UAV, (and other innovative methods where necessary!) the team was able to obtain higher resolution images of the pipe coating and supporting structures than our current inspection methods ... The team is resourceful, energetic and truly a pleasure to work with!!"


Inspect Critical Infrastructure from the comfort of your office.


Reduce risk, improve results, and cut cost. Our drones save your business money.

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Manage each one of your projects with more data than has previously been available.

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